Our teams are passionate about the environment. Our goal is to maintain the ecosystem while extracting resources.

Career Overviews

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Project Engineer: Our project engineers get things going, are you one of them?


Heavy Machinery Operator: We seek experienced and reliable Heavy Machinery Operators.


Environment consultant: This job is made for nature-lovers and for passionate individuals.



  • INITIAL-RESOURCES-Oil and gas platform or Construction platform in the gulf

Exploring the deep sea

It’s undeniable, the sea has a big role in almost everything, from the very air that we take in to the everyday weather and climate changes; however, we only understand a little about it. Also, […]

  • INITIAL-RESOURCES-Mining Mount Isa Hard Times Mine, has been set up for people to see what it was like in the early Queensland days of mining

Health & Security: so important, yet so neglected

The environmental pollution all over the globe is at an alarming level. Industrialization, urbanization, and economic development are the major causes of this predicament. These human activities have resulted in an increase in waste discharge […]

  • INITIAL-RESOURCES-Oil pumpjack or nodding horse pumping unit in Saskatchewan prairies Canada

Extracting Resources in a eco-responsible way

The oil and gas industry all over the world is expanding rapidly. Over the last several years, the industry has drilled thousands of new wells worldwide. These wells are built along with huge new infrastructure […]

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